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    Tudamil (Enchanter)

    Post by Tudamil on Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:59 pm

    Main Character
    Tudamil 54 Enchanter

    Alternate Character(s)
    Sexy 54 Wizard

    Friends or Family In Treason

    Time Zone and Play Times
    CST. I play daily after 5pm CST and all day/night weekends as required. I have a consistent 9 to 5 office job so there are no special circumstances that would prevent me from not playing

    Previous Everquest Experience
    I played on the Tribunal server on live several years ago from 2001-2005/6. We did all the server firsts on our server. I quit shortly after Gates of Discord came out.

    Present/Prior Guild
    Fish Bait/Chaos

    Reasons For Leaving Prior Guild
    Lack of real leadership. But mainly their play times absolutely killed me. They would camp dragons/gods late (2-6 am on weekdays) and would do fear/hate/dracho raids anywhere raiding from early morning to early afternoon.

    Explain why you want to join
    I want to join because your guild appears to be the next up and comers out there. I do not wish to join Heresy and would really like to improve in PvP. Some of your members seem pretty solid when it comes to that (I've gotten my ass kicked by a few of you)

    Do you have a mic and Ventrillo installed and configured?


    Have you read and fully understand the Members Code of Conduct?
    I couldn't find this, please point me in the right direction

    Have you read and fully understand the Loot Distribution rules?
    Could not locate, please direct me to the rules Smile

    With that in mind, I hope to group/pvp with you guys in the near future. Thanks for your consideration.

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