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    Post by Tomax/Xamot on Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:26 pm

    Main Character
    Tomax 50 SK

    Alternate Character(s)
    Xamot 50 Necromancer (<---used in pvp atm)
    Leveling a Shaman

    Friends or Family In Treason
    Not really friends with anyone. I've had talks with fang seemed like a stand up guy!

    Time Zone and Play Times
    Eastern. I play daily, I'm a Liquor/Wine purveyor and allows me to make a lot of my own hours. I can always be reached by phone and willing to leave numbers with leadership for raids/pvp or whatever

    Previous Everquest Experience
    I played on a bluebie server back in 1999-2001. On this server I've played for 2 years. I've been in guilds with Heresy and Virulent. I know how they think and what is going to happen come Kunark.

    Present/Prior Guild
    Dynasty-Just joined them. They are really good guys but they aren't willing to adjust to the situation. IMO They need to grow or merge with some of the smaller guilds for help and that just ain't happening. They mean well but I'm more of a hardcore gamer and they have stated many times they aren't.

    Reasons For Leaving Prior Guild
    Since wipe I've really been trying to find a home. I have friends scattered about in many guilds now and not looking to join the Zerg of Chaos or Heresy. I'm wanting the challenge and excitment of beating that ass.

    Explain why you want to join
    Seems like you guys can do more in smaller numbers than most other guilds. You guys kill more than you die. I haven't noticed any really weak players from you.

    Do you have a mic and Ventrillo installed and configured?
    Yes. As soon as you liked to talk with me I'd like to talk to you. =D

    Have you read and fully understand the Members Code of Conduct?
    Yes, sir.

    Have you read and fully understand the Loot Distribution rules?
    Yes, I have.

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    Re: Tomax/Xamot

    Post by Fang on Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:29 pm

    Toss me a tell this evening.

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