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    Application for Joining


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    Application for Joining

    Post by Fang on Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:23 pm

    Posted this here just so we have a format to start with. This is all going to change.

    If you are interested in joining Eight Inches Unbuffed, please copy and paste the below format into a new thread requesting to apply to the guild. If it is determined that you may be a good fit for the guild based on what is in your application, then you will be contacted in game to set up an in person interview in vent.

    Main Character
    Fang 50 Shaman

    Alternate Character(s)
    Iblindyouk 50 Enchanter
    Toadies 50 Ranger

    Friends or Family In Treason
    Turmoil/Ultimate: Has been a friend of mine for years and will vouch for my leetness.
    Stylez: Have had an on and off again romantic relationship with her for the last 2 weeks.

    Time Zone and Play Times
    EST TZ. I play daily and on work nights I am generally on from 1800 - 2400. Aside from special work circumstances, I am free to play at any time on the weekend.

    Previous Everquest Experience
    I have had a wide assortment of characters on several different servers, including Rallos Zek, Sullen Zek and Saryrn.. I am familiar with all PVE encounters up to PoT.

    Present/Prior Guild
    Pretty in Pink

    Reasons For Leaving Prior Guild
    was originally formed by a group of RL friends who were all going to play on the box together. Some of our accomplishments included mass farming Oracle robes and gearing out our main tank with Gnoll Hide Lariats'. Just as we were poised to exert our dominance over the server, 3 of our core members where found coming across the border with 5 kilos of candy. With these members no longer able to play, the guild basically collapsed.

    Explain why you want to join
    I want to join because...

    Do you have a mic and Ventrillo installed and configured?

    Have you read and fully understand the Members Code of Conduct?
    Yes, sir.

    Have you read and fully understand the Loot Distribution rules?
    Yes, I have.

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